About Us

Needle & Pen is a growing creative univers of knitting patterns, crochet patterns and printable digital designs. Read more about us below. 

Everyone Should Have Easy Access to Great Design

By lowering the costs of production and shipping, we’re able to offer great designs digitally for instant download and self-print at great prices. By eliminating the physical productions we are offering quick and easy customization of designs including birth posters, baby posters, pregnancy posters, pictographs for toddlers and customizable baby record books. 

Order now and have your design product ready in no time. 

Our Company

Needle & Pen was created by a wish and need to share my digital products with the world. I was experiencing a demand in customizable designs for kids, and so needleandpen.com was created. For years I had been sharing my creative crochet and knitting designs on my private blog and getting requests to sell the finished products. Instead I decided to create and sell the patterns enabling so many more people the option of creating and customizing the products themselves. 

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"All of the designs from Needle & Pen are digital and can be printed in the comfort of your own home - or you can choose a third party of your own choice to print your design"
Cecilia Bollin Hagemann